·         No Foul or vulgar language will be tolerated

·         No threats of violence will be tolerated

·         You must be courteous and respectful to all others

·         Flags, banners, signage and the like will not be permitted

·         No congregating in the hallway will be allowed

·         Scheduled visitors will be granted 3 minutes of speaking time. 

                 Visitors must call ahead and have their name added to the agenda. 

                 Deadline to be added to the agenda is the day prior to the meeting at 8:00 A.M.

·         You must state your name and address before speaking

·         No side conversations are allowed, please be courteous to the other guests

·         If you violate these rules or participate in any acts deemed inappropriate you will be

                  given one warning, then you will be asked to leave

·         If you do not leave when asked, you will be removed from the building and may be cited

                  or even arrested