The Township maintains two cemeteries. The oldest one is located on State Route 350 across from Camp Kern just outside of Fort Ancient State Park. The Pioneer Cemetery offers an interesting visit of our past. Some headstones date back to the 1700s. This cemetery no longer has plots available.

The other cemetery, Turtlecreek Cemetery, is located at 2505 North State Route 48 just north of Lebanon's city limits. This cemetery was previously known as the Kirby Cemetery and does have a limited number of burial plots available.

Cemetery Lots

          Turtlecreek Residents                                               $ 750.00

            Non-residents                                                          $ 1,500.00

            Infant to 18 years of age Turtlecreek Residents      $ 250.00

            Infant to 18 years of age Non-residents                  $ 700.00


Burial Rates

             Open and Close before 2 p.m.                               $ 600.00

            Open and Close after 2 p.m.

                     (Including Saturday)                                       $ 1,100.00

            Open and Close before 2 p.m.

                     Infant to 18 years of age                                 $ 200.00

            Open and Close after 2 p.m.

                     Infant to 18 years of age

                   (Including Saturday)                                          $ 300.00

            Cremation before 2 p.m.                                          $ 350.00

            Cremation after 2 p.m.                                             $ 500.00

                    (Including Saturday)                                      

            Disinterment/Reburial                                               $ 1,000.00



            Cost per Deed                                                          $ 30.00

            Foundation                                                               $ 0.60 per square inch


If foundations exceed 36” width for a single space or 72” for a double space, additional cost will be incurred and the cost will be assessed to the purchaser.  The cost for all foundation work is paid in advance of the construction of the foundation. 


For any additional information please contact the Township Administration Office weekdays at (513) 932-4902.