About the Fire Department

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The Turtlecreek Township Fire Department was established in November, 1969. The first station was housed at 146 Clay Street, along with the Township Administration Building and the Road and Bridge Department. The original department was begun with nineteen volunteers and three pieces of fire apparatus - a 1955 Ford Pumper, a 1963 GMC Grass Fighter, and a 1960 Tanker.

As the population increased, so did the need for additional fire protection. In 1974, Turtlecreek Trustees built a second fire station at 1255 Oregonia Road, and named it in honor of Hobart "Red" Bostick, the first Turtlecreek Fire Chief. Then in September, 1977, a third fire station was built on the western side of the township at 1550 North State Route 741.

By early 1983, it became clear the Clay Street station was too small to house the addition of fire apparatus, which was needed to offer the township residents adequate fire protection, plus the Administrative Offices and Road and Bridge Department equipment.

The Township Trustees seized the opportunity to purchase the old Coates American Motors car dealership on State Route 63 in early 1983. After renovations were accomplished, they proudly opened their new Administrative Offices which included Fire Department apparatus and Road and Bridge Department equipment. This building was later named the "William A. Stevens Fire Station" in honor of then current Fire Chief William Stevens for his many years of service to the township.

On November 3, 2005 Turtlecreek Township celebrated the opening of its new multi-purpose building on State Route 123. This 30,000 sq. ft. building includes government offices, road and bridge vehicle garage, fire station, EMS and much more. This building was dedicated as the William A. Stevens Fire Station named in honor of retired Fire Chief Bill Stevens, and also honors his 35 years of service to the township Fire and EMS departments.