(Formally Kirby Cemetery)

2505 N. State Route 48


Rules – Regulations – Fees

Turtlecreek Township

670 N. State Route 123

Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Phone: (513) 932-4902



General Rules and Regulations




Cemetery hours are from dawn to dusk daily.


Overnight parking is not permitted.


No one shall drive, ride or park on any part of the cemetery grounds except cemetery parking area.


Visitors are prohibited from removing flowers, decorations and other objects from graves other than those of the family.


Monument Restrictions


Only one Monument per space.


Maximum Monument height is 48”.


Maximum width shall not exceed 36” for a single space or 72” for a double space.


Township personal will mark proper location for monument, base, foundation, etc.


Any exceptions to monument restrictions must be approved by Turtlecreek Township.


Planting, Decorating, and Memorabilia Restrictions


No shrub, tree, perennial, and/or annual may be planted on any lot, partial lot, or grave.


Flowers are to be in a shatterproof container, no glass or ceramic containers allowed.  Any flag and/or device to hold hanging basket (shepherds hook) must be place no more than 2” from the headstone.


Plants violating these requirements that become unsightly or hazardous may be removed.


Any memorabilia left in the cemetery must be placed on the monument.


No patio block, wood, or and other barriers may be placed on or around a grave or lot.


Flowers will be cleaned off a new grave approximately five days after the date of burial.




Private family mausoleums shall be permitted only on specifically designated lots approved by Turtlecreek Township.


The mausoleum design with specifications must be submitted to the township for approval.  The township reserves the right to reject the design because of size, material, configuration, or method of construction.


Prior to the commencement of any work, the owner of the cemetery lot, shall deposit a sum with Turtlecreek Township in an amount sufficient, in the opinion of Turtlecreek Township, to provide for the care of the exterior of the mausoleum.




Turtlecreek Township is not responsible for loss and/or damage due to vandalism.




Deeds are issued with each cemetery lot purchased.  They are recorded by the Fiscal Officer and are the property of the purchaser.  Cemetery lots may not be resold to another individual.  If the lot is no longer needed, Turtlecreek Township will repurchase the lot at the original cost less $30.00 to cover administrative fees.


In the event of death of the owner, lots may be passed down to heirs in order of relationship importance (i.e.: spouse, children, oldest child first, etc.).  If a more distant relative needs a grave site, permission must be given in writing by all relatives who have prior ownership (i.e.: grandchildren must have written approval from children who are next in line to receive the grave site).


In General


An agreement to abide by the above rules must be signed, at the time of purchase of a cemetery lot.


No Sunday or holiday burials are permitted.


Turtlecreek Township reserves the right to change, amend, alter, repeal, rescind, or adopt new rules and regulations with respect to the cemetery or anything pertaining there to.


These rules are effective as of November, 1, 2022.