Turtlecreek Township

Turtlecreek Township has come a long way since the original settlement. From 1796 to 1800, historian Josiah Morrow recorded a population of approximately 150 residents. In the 1990 Decennial Census, population was established as 10,311.  2020 Decennial Census, population was established as 17,644.

Turtlecreek Township is basically a residential/agricultural community with only a few businesses or commercial establishments. Over the past few years, many new subdivisions have been built or are now in the process of being built, to accommodate the growing population.

With the added housing and population surge, Township services, such as Fire and EMS services and Road and Bridge Departments services, must also increase to serve our residents. The Road and Bridge Department currently maintains 66.526 miles of roadway, and the Fire and EMS provided emergency assistance and fire protection for all residents.