My ditch does not flow very well; can you clean it out?

A township road department employee will visit your address to determine if cleaning out your ditch will solve your problem.

If the township can help, when can you do the work?

Your request for ditch work will be placed on a schedule with other requests for ditch work in your area. Generally, if one property owner is having ditch problems, other property owners in the same area are having problems. Due to equipment and manpower demands, we try to coordinate the ditching work in areas and not for individual property owners. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and each request for service will be considered on its own merit.

Will I be able to mow my ditch when you are finished with the work?

That depends on the elevation change (fall) between your driveway culvert and your neighbors. Also the elevation change between your property and the road play a big part in the answer to this question. The road department has little, if any, control on the depth of your ditch.

Will you replant the grass after you are finished ditching?

Yes; however, the exact method will be determined by the soil type, time of year, availability of products, etc

I want to put tile or pipe my ditch, what can be done?

Property owners must obtain a permit from the Warren County Engineer's Office to pipe frontages. Once a permit is obtained a property owner can hire a private contractor to complete the work.

A tree or limb is down on the road or about to fall onto the roadway.

If the township receives the initial call, the Road Crew responds to check on the trees or limbs down in the roadway. If the Warren County Dispatch Center receives the initial call, the Fire Department is usually dispatched first. If live wires are involved, the Fire Department usually removes the tree from the roadway once the electric shock hazard has been eliminated by the utility company. The Road Department may follow the Fire Department to cut up, chip up, and clean up the tree or limb.

The streetlight is out on my street, when will you repair it?

Duke Energy handles all street light repairs. Residents should report street light outages/problems directly to Duke, either by phoning 800-544-6900 or completing the online form at You must obtain a pole # from plate on pole in order to identify the correct fixture to Duke

I want to make changes to my driveway or have another entrance to my property, who regulates that?

The Warren County Engineer's Office regulates driveway location, pipe size, etc. A permit is required through the Warren County Engineer's Office, phone 695-1364.

Whom do I call if I pull up to the stop sign on my street to pull onto the highway and I cannot see left or right due to the obstructions?

Please notify the Township Road Department (932-4902).The township will remove the obstruction or work with the proper agency (county, state, etc.) to get it removed.

There is a dead animal on the road in front of my house, what do I do?

The Township Road Department will remove dead animals from the right-of-way if the dead animal is located on a township maintained street or roadway. If the animal is located on a state or county maintained roadway within the township, you will be told which agency to notify or we will notify them for you.

There is a pothole on my road, when can you fix it?

Once the Road Department is made aware of a pothole or any other road problem, we attempt to investigate that same day. Depending on weather conditions and the severity of the problem, repairs should be made within a short time.

Weeds are getting high on my road, when are you going to mow?

The Township Road Department starts mowing along its roads in mid-May. It takes approximately 6 days to finish a complete round of all of the township roads. On average, five rounds of mowing are completed each season ending in late September. We trim (weed-eat) around signs, fire hydrants, guardrail, etc. at least twice per year. The township has a boom mower (large tractor with mowing attachment to reach difficult places). The boom mower will make one to two rounds each year on all township roads.

An old stove or refrigerator has been dumped on the road. Who do I call to get it moved?

Warren County Solid Waste Department (695-1209) has crews working on township roads and in the county to remove this type of discarded item.

My road or street needs paved and re-striped. When can you do it?

Life expectancy of pavement on township roads has been 10 to 12 years, depending on traffic conditions. The Road Department inspects all township roads every fall and again in the spring. We attempt to project what roads and/or streets may need attention in the near future.

The painted center or edge lines on our roads have a shorter life expectancy than the pavement. A paved road or street may be striped two or three times during its 10 to 12 year life span.

By calling the Township Road Department you can find out if your road or street is on a schedule for any attention in the near future.

My road is slick or snow covered, when will you plow my road?

Please see the snow plow policy that will be posted on the homepage each year during snow season.

There is a tree in the right of way which is overhanging the roadway (or dead), whom do I call?

Overhanging limbs and/or dead trees are common requests for service. Although all of the roads are within the township, they are divided up as far as whose responsible it is for repair, paving, and maintenance.

The Township Road Crew is responsible for trees along "township designated" roads, Warren County Engineer's Office is responsible for trees along "county designated" roads, and the Ohio Department of Transportation is responsible for "state designed" roads.

My insurance company needs certain information for my home-owners insurance, whom should I call?

Your insurance agent should call the Fire Department and speak to the Chief or Assistant Chief (932-4902).

Can I burn leaves and brush in the Township?

Burning of yard waste is permitted under certain conditions.Please call the Township at 513-932-4902 prior to burning.

How do I contact the Turtlecreek Scenic Railroad - the railroad engine that runs between Mason and Lebanon?

Phone No. 933-8022 - this railroad is not affiliated with Turtlecreek Township.

Who provides Cable service in Turtlecreek Township?

Cable service is provided by Time Warner Cable

I am new to Turtlecreek, who will pick up my trash?

Turtlecreek does not provide trash pickup. You should contact one of the private companies operating in Turtlecreek. Their contact information as well as links to their websites are provided on the utilities page.

I just moved to Turtlecreek Township. Where do my children go to school?

Turtlecreek children are in the Lebanon School District, Phone (513) 934-5770.

Did you know . . .

A home fire safety inspection is required before any adoptions or qualification as a foster parent? It is required by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Below are the requirements the Fire Safety Inspector will be looking for:

  1. A fire extinguisher rated a minimum of 40:BC.
  2. If the home has a combustible furnace (i.e., natural gas, propane, or fuel oil), you will need documentation that the furnace has been serviced within the past year.
  3. Smoke detectors are required on each level of the home.
  4. If there is a working wood stove or fireplace, the chimney must be cleaned prior to or during the burning season.
  5. Extension cords can not be used in a permanent application. They are only for temporary use.
  6. Flammable liquids, (i.e., gasoline, paint thinners, oil base paints, etc.) are not to be stored inside home, unless in a metal cabinet in the garage. Flammable liquids preferably should be stored in an outbuilding.
  7. If the foster child or adoptive child is young, child proof safety caps are to be installed in all receptacles that do not have a cord plugged into them.
  8. The home should be clear of clutter and have easily accessible doorways.
  9. Unvented kerosene heaters are not allowed.