Safe Driving Tips: Winter Weather

January 15, 2019  |  Fire News, Safety Corner

As we go into our inclement weather season each year,  the Turtlecreek Township Fire department would like to remind everyone of some safe driving tips for the winter weather.

  • Take your time – Remember when the roads are slick it takes extra time to stop your vehicle.
  • Don’t slam on your brakes – When braking in winter weather you will not be able to stop as you normally do. Leave enough room between other vehicles so that you can stop safely.
  • 4 wheel drive may not help – 4 wheel drive will help you go in winter weather but it cannot help you on ice.
  • ALWAYS LEAVE EXTRA TIME – If winter weather hits remember to leave for your destination early so you don’t have to rush and risk losing control of your vehicle.
  • Keep extra blankets, hats, and gloves – Make sure that you have extra layers of clothing in case you do end up getting stuck and have to wait for a tow truck or someone to help.
  • CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE – always make sure you have a charged cell phone in case you get stuck you can keep in touch with help.