Adoption of Ohio Fire Code

October 13, 2020



                      Adoption of Ohio Fire Code

                      Notice to Turtlecreek Township Residents


The Board of Trustees Turtlecreek Township has adopted by incorporation as the official code to be enforced in Turtlecreek Township the most current version of the Ohio Fire Code for the administration and enforcement of authorities granted to fire code officials in Chapters 3701, 3731, 3737, 3741, 3743, 3781, 3891 and 5104, et. seq. of the Ohio Revised Code, including but not limited to, regulations affecting or relating to structures, processes, premises and safeguards regarding all of the following:


1)      The hazard of fire and explosion arising from the storage, handling or use of structures, materials and devices;

2)      Conditions hazardous to life, property or public welfare in the occupancy of structures or premises;

3)      Fire hazards in the structure or on the premises from occupancy or operation;

4)      Matters relating to the construction, extension, repair, alteration or removal of fire protection systems; and,

5)      Conditions affecting the safety of fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations. 


A complete copy of the adopting resolution and the Ohio Fire Code are on file with the Turtlecreek Township Fiscal Officer for inspection by the public without charge.


By Order of the Board of Trustees


Turtlecreek Township

Amanda K. Childers

             Fiscal Officer